7th September 2017

New hearing aids that easily connect to any mobile phone and your TV!

Audeo B-Direct

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Introducing Phonak Audeo B-Direct

The Made For All direct connectivity hearing solution

What makes Audeo B-Direct so special?

It’s the fact that these hearing aids connect directly to any mobile phone*, regardless of the brand or operating system. As long as it has Bluetooth, you’re good to go. Answer calls with a touch of your hearing aids and use them as a wireless headset to talk hands-free.

Wireless headphones!

And if that’s not enough, Audeo B-Direct hearing aids easily connect to your TV, turning the hearing aids into wireless headphones. You can now enjoy excellent stereo sound quality from your TV whilst those around you can listen at a comfortable volume level.

Whether it’s connecting to your mobile phone or TV, you don’t need any technical know-how to set up Audeo B-Direct. They follow a very simple plug and play approach.

Audeo B-Direct wireless capabilities

*with Bluetooth® 4.2 wireless technology & most older Bluetooth phones

For more detailed information and downloads, visit the official Phonak website:

Audeo B-Direct

What our clients say

Two members of my family have just received excellent advice and treatment at the Chichester Centre.

My husband for ear plugs advice and my 12 year old son, who has been suffering with excessive ear wax building up for the past year or so and being told by GP that can do nothing except keep putting drops in.

Within 15 minutes he had his ears safely unblocked, using micro suction and washing, something the GP said was not available. My son is like a different child and can actually hear again.

Thank You!

Mr J Llewellyn – Chichester patient