Due to government, Public Health England and professional bodies guidelines, new protocols have been adopted to ensure the safety of all our patients and clients and staff.

Having sourced the appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE), we are pleased to safely continue all our regular services as we are classed as essential workers. We continue to adhere strictly to the current Covid-19 protocols to protect ourselves and our patients and clients. 

It is safe to travel to our premises so please be in possession of your email or letter confirmation of your appointment. 

We appreciate your patience and observance of our Covid-19 protocols.

Covid-19 protocols at South East Hearing Care Centres

One patient/client in our premises at a time

The first of these is to only allow one patient/client in our premises at a time, accompanied if required by one carer, partner, family member or friend but where possible from the same household.

Telephone or video call screening before booking

Careful screening of all visitors via telephone or video call will need to be completed and each question answered correctly before moving on to the next. There will be questions asked about whether you display any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or if any members of your household do. Followed by the usual medical and personal health questions. If the answers given allow us to book an appointment, you will be given all the details and protocols to follow, verbally on the telephone or via video call, plus a follow up confirmation email or letter.

Strict appointment times

Appointment times will be strictly adhered to and we can only allow entry into our premises when safe to do so and at the allotted time. Unfortunately, there will be no waiting within our premises so please attend close to your appointment time and wait to be beckoned in.

What to expect at your appointment:

There will be window posters and clear floor markings indicating where to stand or sit.

The very first thing you will be asked, is to thoroughly clean your hands with the hand sanitiser provided. Followed by donning the surgical FFP2 face mask provided, which will need to be worn all the time you are within our premises. Please try to avoid touching your mask or removing it.

You will be asked to wait behind the 2metre floor marking until the consultant has donned the appropriate PPE before inviting you into the consultation room.

At all times social distancing of 2metres must be observed and this can only be breached for certain procedures when the appropriate PPE is worn.

After your consultation you will be directed to a safe area observing the 2metre distancing rule until the receptionist is ready to accept payment where necessary. You will be instructed when it is safe to step forward with your card for payment.

It should be noted we will not be able to accept any cash payments, only card or bank transfers.

Before leaving our premises, you will be asked to keep your mask on and sanitise your hands thoroughly.

Attendance by appointment only

As per the guidelines for our profession, we will be operating a closed-door policy and cannot currently accept walk-ins. Until further notice all attendance will be by appointment only.

We have instigated these new protocols to protect you and our staff and mitigate any potential risk. We are grateful for your custom and appreciate your adherence to these new protocols which will be the ‘new normal’ for the foreseeable future.

Social distancing challenges for hearing aid users

Hearing aids work best at distances of 6 feet or less. At 1.8 metres this is just shy of the optimal 2 metres for social distancing in the UK. When people are wearing masks and standing at an increased distance it can be a challenge to hear what is being said, despite wearing hearing aids.

However, you don’t have to continue to struggle, Phonak have developed some great products to help hearing aid wearers during these times of extra distance. Using the latest Bluetooth technology the Phonak Roger series can help you to hear better, regardless of social distancing measures.

Get in touch

If you have any questions regarding our Covid-19 protocols or about an appointment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our centres in Horsham (01403 218 863), Chichester (01243 774 536) and Seaford (01323 899 655).

Our professional and friendly teams are on hand to make these new protocols as easy to understand and follow as possible, ensuring you can still get the hearing care you need.