Preventing Hearing Loss

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The more we can do to prevent hearing loss, the better. But, of course, that’s easier said than done! Indeed, certain types of hearing loss, especially age-related, are unavoidable.

But it isn’t always out of our hands. One of the most significant dangers facing our ears is exposure to noise. Listening to loud music or working in a noisy environment, for example, can be an assault on hearing, so it’s important that we aren’t just aware of the problems this can create – but how to take adequate preventative measures. 

Our ears are delicate and complex instruments. In the inner ear, there are thousands of tiny cells which are continuously at work processing sounds and passing information on to the brain. They do a great, unsung work on our behalf. And it’s important we don’t take them for granted.

When we are exposed to loud noises, these cells can be permanently damaged and stop working for ever – leading to impaired hearing.

Noise damage can also lead to tinnitus. That’s the name given to the condition where you experience buzzing, whistling and ringing sounds in the ears which can be both uncomfortable and incredibly annoying for sufferers.

The more you are exposed to excessive levels of noise, the greater the chance your ears will be compromised.

But there is action we can take to look after and preserve our precious hearing. So to prevent hearing loss, it is vital you do all you can to give your ears the utmost protection. You can do this by using protectors, like earplugs or earmuffs to reduce excessive noise.

But also make sure that you give your ears some rest. Step away from noisy environments whenever you can. You might be at a nightclub or rock concert but be disciplined enough to move away from the loudness as often as possible, if you can. And don’t sit for hours on end with your headphones on, blasting incessant music straight into your eardrums!

Remember, preventing hearing loss is far better than trying to treat or repair damage after it’s been done.

If you are concerned about your current level of hearing or feel that you are hearing may have have been impaired go to, book a hearing test today.