7 Benefits of Custom Moulded Earplugs

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Hearing loss is something we all want to avoid. Quite apart from the fact it can seriously reduce your quality of life, it can also be quite uncomfortable. Our ears are precious instruments and it’s important that we do whatever we can to protect them to ensure they stay healthy so that our hearing remains in optimum condition.

So to help keep your ears in good working order for the long term, it may be well worth considering hearing protection such as custom moulded earplugs, especially if you work in an environment or enjoy a hobby that involves loud noises.

What’s the big deal compared to an ordinary earplug, you may ask? Well, quite a lot, actually. In fact, increasing numbers of people of all ages are turning to these unobtrusive little marvels, for a variety of reasons.Here are 7 key benefits of custom moulded earplugs, which may be of interest. If you’re looking for high quality hearing protection in Sussex, book an appointment with us today.

1. Protection against hearing loss or damage

First and foremost, custom moulded ear plugs are shaped specifically to your ear, designed to protect you from damaging your ears and losing your hearing. You can still enjoy your favourite music – without subjecting yourself to tinnitus or even permanent ear damage.

Ear impressions are taken to ensure your custom earplugs fit your ears perfectly and offer a comfortable fit. This provides the best protection possible to your ears and hearing.

2. Multi-purpose

From rock concerts to swimming pools, from clay pigeon shoots to simply ensuring you get a restful, good night’s sleep, custom earplugs can go with you anywhere – a trusted, versatile companion that can be used in a range of situations. We offer custom made earplugs for a range of environments, including:

Each type of ear protection is tailored to your hobby or work environment, to ensure your hearing is protected against the noisy environment but you can still hear the sounds you need to hear, such as speech, alarms and telephones.

3. Longer lasting

One of the main benefits of choosing custom hearing protection for your ears is that they are a far more long-lasting solution than typical, off the shelf ear plugs. This is because a custom moulded earplug is designed to fit perfectly into your ear. Since it won’t need to be forced into the ear and require frequent readjusting, this will reduce wear and tear on your hearing protection.

4. A better fit

Standard, over-the-counter hearing protection earplugs are made in set sizes. But given that we all have a uniquely shaped ear canal, it is little wonder that normal plugs frequently fall out, can feel loose or are simply uncomfortable when being forced into place. It’s important that your ear protection fits correctly, providing an effective seal against any loud noise with adequate protection and comfort. This is especially true if you are a keen swimmer, as only a custom moulded earplug can be relied upon to keep water out. 

5. Cheaper in the long run

This is something we impress upon all our clients. By purchasing custom fit earplugs from an ear professional, you’ll save money by not having to keep buying replacements. They are made to last and should be guaranteed for a period of years. As a result, this means they are far more economical.

Our custom made earplugs all come with a 24 month guarantee, giving you peace of mind that they will last and we will assess them if you do experience any issues.

6. More hygienic

Foam earplugs can spawn pathogenic bacteria which tend to grow on warm, moist surfaces. This can increase the risk of developing an ear infection. Custom made earplugs don’t carry the same health risks.

Our custom hearing protection solutions are all made out of specially formulated medical-grade silicone which offers comfort when in your ears, as well as increased hygiene. They’re also extremely easy to clean and are very effective at protecting your ears against hearing damage.

7. Easy to keep clean

Custom moulded ear plugs won’t just help you maintain your hearing, many even come with an anti-bacterial coating for additional ear hygiene. As mentioned before, they are easy to clean and look after, just wiping them with mild soap and hot water after each use will keep them looking their best.

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There are many numbers of reasons why a set of custom moulded ear plugs make a sound investment, but protection against hearing damage is the most notable. Our Hearing Centres across the South East can supply you with high quality noise, sleep, shooting, musician and swim plugs.

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