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At South East Hearing Care Centres, we understand hearing loss’s profound impact on your daily life. That’s why we’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of innovative hearing solutions from Phonak, a globally renowned leader in the hearing aid industry.

Phonak’s cutting-edge technology is designed to provide you with exceptional sound quality, seamless connectivity, and unparalleled comfort. Whether you’re seeking discreet in-ear devices or powerful behind-the-ear models, our expert audiologists will guide you through the selection process to find the perfect Phonak hearing aid tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle.

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About Phonak

Phonak is passionate about creating hearing solutions that change lives. It works tirelessly to improve the technology of hearing aids so that everyone can live life to the full, unhindered by hearing loss.

A leading global hearing aid manufacturer, Swiss-brand Phonak has a UK base in Warrington, Cheshire. Through subsidiaries and distributors, the company currently has a presence in over 100 countries worldwide.

Phonak hearing aid models

Phonak produces a range of hearing aid models and types, from traditional Behind the Ear to the most modern Invisible in Canal options.

Phonak Lumity

Phonak Lumity

Phonak Lumity hearing aids are advanced, high-quality hearing solutions that provide wearers with a comfortable and natural listening experience. With a range of models, including rechargeable and waterproof options, Lumity offers universal connectivity to iOS and Android smartphones, TVs, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Its tap control feature makes it easy to adjust settings directly from the hearing aids, while the myPhonak app allows hearing aid users to personalise their hearing experience and track their physical activity. Phonak Lumity is compatible with Roger iN technology, providing even greater sound quality and clarity in challenging listening situations.

Phonak Paradise Hearing Aid

Phonak Paradise

The Phonak Paradise hearing aid provides natural and crisp hearing, emphasising speech. It even features personalised noise-cancelling settings and can connect with your smartphone to help you control settings and access even more hearing features.

Choose from seven different colours and speak to our team about whether this is the hearing aid for your needs.

phonak marvel behind the ear hearing aid

Phonak Marvel

Experience better hearing with Phonak’s Audéo Marvel line of premium hearing aids. These multi-functional hearing devices combine advanced technology with clear, rich sound to improve your listening experience. They reduce listening effort in noisy environments and deliver improved speech understanding, while their cutting-edge connectivity allows direct streaming to smartphones, TVs, and other Bluetooth devices.

Whether you have mild or profound hearing loss, the range offers a solution tailored to your needs for an unrivalled sound experience.

Phonak hearing aid accessories

In addition to hearing aids, Phonak produces a range of accessories to enhance every area of your life. These include:

  • The Phonak remote app is an advanced remote control that uses Bluetooth to control your hearing aid settings. It allows users to adjust the volume of their hearing aids separately and personalise their sound settings to their individual preferences.
  • The TV Connector uses AirStream™ technology to stream audio from TV to any hearing aid within fifteen metres with no discernable delay. The Plug n Play technology connects automatically to any hearing aid within a metre radius with no fuss.
  • The Phonak ComPilot II or ComPilot Air II works with the Phonak TVLink II base station so that any Phonak wireless hearing aid can act as a headset. Together, they stream stereo-quality sound to Phonak hearing aids within 30 metres.

The benefits of Phonak hearing aids

Advanced noise reduction and speech enhancement

Phonak’s advanced noise reduction and speech enhancement technologies provide exceptional sound clarity. The noise reduction algorithms filter out unwanted background noise, while the speech enhancement features amplify and clarify the frequencies crucial for speech understanding.

Direct connectivity and streaming

Many of Phonak’s hearing aid models directly connect to smartphones, TVs, and other Bluetooth devices. This allows for seamless audio streaming directly to your hearing aids. You can stream phone calls, music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more with excellent sound quality. No additional streaming devices are required, providing a convenient and hassle-free listening experience.

Rechargeable battery options

Phonak offers rechargeable hearing aids in various models, like the popular Marvel line. These lithium-ion batteries provide all-day power from a single overnight charge. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of disposable batteries while enjoying the convenience of quick charging times and reliable battery life.

Comprehensive range for all hearing losses

Phonak has a solution for mild, moderate, severe, or profound hearing loss. Their comprehensive product lineup includes hearing aids suitable for various degrees of hearing impairment, ensuring you receive the appropriate amplification and sound processing tailored to your needs.

Trusted brand and reliable performance

Phonak is a globally recognised leader in the hearing aid industry, known for its innovative technologies and commitment to quality. Their hearing aids are built to high standards, ensuring reliable performance and durability.

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