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Whether you are a serious musician, club DJ, gig goer or dedicated music listener, an expertly created, custom made earpiece is the perfect solution for protecting your hearing.

Musicians who play live regularly, or play in high volume surroundings, such as rock or metal music, can benefit from using filtered earplugs. Not only will they protect your hearing, they will bring the overall sound level down without losing the tone or feel of the on-stage sound.

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The benefits of earplugs for musicians and concert goers

Overexposure to loud noises can really cause irreparable damage to your hearing, including tinnitus or actually hearing loss. If you’re a musician or frequently attend loud concerts and gigs, you’re at serious risk of damaging your hearing beyond repair, due to the loud sound of live music.

Musicians earplugs provide hearing protection for your inner ear canals and reduce the damage that the loud music and sound levels are doing to your hearing, whilst allowing you to still hear background noise and ambient sounds.

Sounds such as food blenders and lawn mowers are loud enough to cause hearing damage, so the damage that exposure to loud music and high decibel levels does is huge. Musicians ear plugs will ensure that your hearing is protected and you don’t suffer early hearing loss due to your favourite hobby or career.

Why choose custom made musicians ear plugs?

With a lot of different earplugs available, it can be confusing to know which are the best musicians earplugs for you. However, the best earplugs for musicians and other people who are repeatedly exposed to a loud environment are custom moulded earplugs.

Everyone’s ears are different, so having custom made ear plugs ensure that they’re fitted perfectly into your ears so no sounds can get through and damage your hearing. This provides an extra level of protection and infinitely reduces loud sound levels. In order to get custom moulded ear plugs for your ears, all you need is ear impressions taken which can then be used to create the perfect protection for your hearing.

Our range of musicians earplugs

In-Ear Monitors

The top choice for professional musicians
In-Ear Monitors are electronic devices used by performers and musicians to hear a mix of microphones and/or instruments that are on stage in a live performance. They also serve an important purpose of providing a high level of noise reduction from stage noise levels, perfect to protect your hearing.

They offer exceptional sound quality, response and reliability, with the fit and comfort that only custom moulded ear plugs can provide. You can select from a choice of frequency responses and sensitivities to match your particular requirements, reducing your exposure to instruments and loud music levels.


In-Ear Monitor features

  • Multiple drivers depending on the type of music or instrument you play
  • Ear impressions are taken to ensure they’re custom made and anatomically moulded to the shape of your ear
  • Perfect for excellent reproduction of music
  • Helps eliminate feedback and lower onstage noise levels
  • Reduces vocal fatigue
  • Improved bass response
  • Effective hearing and ear protection
  • Approx 25dB of ambient noise reduction
  • Available in a large range of colour choices

IEM monitors

Elacin ER Filtered Noise Plugs

Custom made noise and ear protection for musicians and gig goers

Being custom made from an impression of your ear, these earplugs provide excellent noise reduction for musicians, whatever your needs or performing environment. The ER Earplugs, with their built-in attenuation filter, reduce sound and loud noises evenly, meaning the overall sound clarity of the performance is maintained, but at a much safer level for your ears.

ER ear plug features

  • Custom made and fit deep into the ear canal
  • Attenuates all frequencies evenly
  • Calibrated filters
  • Hear sounds safely and accurately without overexposure to instruments and sound
  • Ability to still hear surrounding ambient noise
  • Available in 3 levels of attenuation
  • Supplied with cleaning brush, presentation pouch & comfort cream
  • Range of colour choices available

Turn your ER into an IEM

ER ear plugs can also be combined with the ER earphones monitors
Ideal if you regularly visit concerts and also listen to your favourite music comfortably at home on your MP3 player. The ER noise filter makes sure to protect your hearing against noise that is too loud and, when you replace the filter with an earphone, it turns into a high quality in-ear monitor system with the benefits of custom made earpieces. Also ideal for DJs who use one noise plug and one in-ear monitor at a time.

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