Noise protection ear plugs

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We live in a noisy world, and our ears are bombarded with high noise levels every day. It’s exhausting, it’s not healthy – and it’s harmful to our hearing.

Our custom made silicone ear plugs are designed specifically to help those who work or spend a lot of time in noisy environments to keep their hearing safe.

For some, working with noise is inevitable: those who work in certain types of factories, for instance, or in industries such as building and construction, live events and farming.

High-performance engines and equipment come with noise to match, and those who drive such machines, bikes or racing cars, often need to have clear incoming communication that cuts through the engine noise. Even going for a drive in a standard convertible can damage your hearing!

PROTECThear specialist noise cancelling ear plugs

Custom made soft silicone filtered ear plugs

PROTECThear are our custom-manufactured range of ear plugs designed specifically to reduce noise for those who work or spend time in industrial environments. Using specially formulated medical-grade silicone, they offer the highest degree of comfort whilst providing a highly effective acoustic barrier.

Available in full or half shell, they are completely tailored to your ear shape for maximum comfort and noise cancellation.

Our custom made ear plugs all incorporate a passive acoustic filter which attenuates (reduces the force of) loud noises whilst allowing the wearer to hear:

  • Speech
  • Ambient noise
  • Shouted warnings
  • Alarms
  • Telephones and radios

Excessive background noise is reduced, resulting in increased safety and working comfort.

PROTECThear canal plugs
Protecthear plugs

Who are PROTECThear ear plugs suitable for?

Whilst our noise protection plugs can be used by anyone, they’re particularly helpful for the following types of users:

  • Motorcyclists and the motorsport industry, as they can be comfortably worn under a helmet
  • Industry and factory use
  • Shooting sports
  • Musicians and music listeners

Keeping your ears and hearing protected when surrounded by loud noises is extremely important. Our ear plugs will ensure your hearing isn’t damaged from repeated exposure to noisy environments.

Why do I need hearing protection?

  • Reduce the potential for hearing damage
  • Reduce exposure to loud noises
  • Work to avoid hearing loss early in life

Our ears are extremely sensitive, so hearing damage can be caused easily by a range of noises, not just exposure to loud, industrial sounds. For example, the sounds of the lawn mower and a food blender are loud enough to start hearing damage, so imagine what can happen with repeated exposure to loud sounds.

Protecting your hearing is extremely important, because if you take it for granted, you can start to see issues with your hearing quite early on in life. When working in a loud environment, ensuring you have the right equipment to protect your ears will give you an excellent chance at retaining better hearing for longer.

It’s not just working in the industrial industry that can cause hearing loss, regularly attending concerts and music festivals is also detrimental to your hearing. The exposure to loud music for a long time can leave your ears ringing. If you attend concerts regularly, it may be worth considering ear plugs to reduce hearing damage.

Our specially designed ear plugs are custom moulded to your ears to ensure your best chance of protecting your hearing. With up to 32dB reduction in noise, you can work safe in the knowledge that your ears are protected.

How to look after your ear plugs

If you’re considering getting ear plugs, then you may be wondering how high or low maintenance they are. Noise protection ear plugs are extremely easy to look after and clean.


  • Get a bowl and fill it with warm, soapy water
  • Leave your ear plugs to soak for a few minutes – if they’ve got some tough dirt and wax on them, then leave them for longer
  • Once you’ve soaked your ear plugs, then gently wipe off any of the excess dirt and leave them to dry

Ear plugs don’t need a lot of attention to keep them in good condition, just cleaning them regularly will ensure that they stay in excellent condition for longer, improving their overall lifespan.