We live in a noisy world, and our ears are bombarded with high noise levels every day. It’s exhausting, it’s not healthy – and it’s harmful to our hearing.

MotorsportsFor some, working with noise is inevitable: those who work in certain types of factories, for instance, or in industries such as construction.

High-performance engines come with noise to match, and those who drive such machines, bikes or racing cars, often need to have clear incoming communication that cuts through the engine noise. Even going for a drive in a standard convertible can damage your hearing!


Custom-Made soft silicone filtered ear plugs

PROTECThear are custom-manufactured, using specially formulated medical-grade silicone, to offer the highest degree of comfort whilst providing a highly effective acoustic barrier. They are available in full or half shell.

Protecthear plugs

Up to 32dB reduction in noise

They incorporate a passive acoustic filter that attenuates loud noises whilst allowing the wearer to hear speech, ambient noise, shouted warnings, alarms, and to use telephones and radios. Excessive background noise is reduced, resulting in increased safety and working comfort.

PROTECThear are suitable for:

  • Motorcyclists and the motorsport industry, as they can be comfortably worn under a helmet.
  • Industry and factory use
  • Shooting sports
  • Musicians and music listeners

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