Situated in the heart of the city of Chichester just off East Street, our Chichester clinic is a very busy clinic serving the local population doing hearing tests and wax removals. Please call the team on 01243 774536 to book an appointment.

Ken Fairley

Ken started off his working life in the Royal Navy straight from school and served for 12 years, finally leaving as a Chief Petty Officer in the communications department. He qualified as a Registered Hearing Aid Audiologist in Manchester in 2003 and has been working with South East Hearing Centre for the last 13 years at the branch in Chichester. This has progressed from a small room at an opticians for 2 days a week to a busy stand alone centre open 6 days a week.

He regularly attended seminars and training days throughout the year to keep up to date with all the latest innovations in hearing aid technology. Ken is married with 2 children aged 10 and 4. In his spare time he likes to row, swim and collect Lego!

Member of registered Bodies:

AIHHP ( Association of Independant Hearing Heathcare Professionals)

BSHAA (British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists)

What our clients say

Two members of my family have just received excellent advice and treatment at the Chichester Centre.

My husband for ear plugs advice and my 12 year old son, who has been suffering with excessive ear wax building up for the past year or so and being told by GP that can do nothing except keep putting drops in.

Within 15 minutes he had his ears safely unblocked, using micro suction and washing, something the GP said was not available. My son is like a different child and can actually hear again.

Thank You!

Mr J Llewellyn – Chichester patient