Irrigation Ear Wax Removal

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Older man getting his ear irrigated

Our hearing aid audiologists have been fully trained to use the proven, tested water irrigation system of removing wax from ears.

Using an electronic irrigation device, the hearing aid audiologist will direct a flow of water into your ear canal to clear the wax. The water will be around standard body temperature and minimum pressure is applied.

The audiologist may well use a video otoscope which is a tiny colour video camera. This will aid the audiologist to see what is happening in the ear canal and at the ear drum. The images will be transferred to a screen so that you can see exactly what is happening.

Ear irrigation, or ear syringing, is gentle and painless, although your ears may tickle a little as water trickles around them. It usually takes around 30 minutes for both ears, if no particular problems are encountered.

If you do feel any pain at any stage in the process, or if you feel dizzy or experience vertigo, tell the hearing aid audiologist immediately. There may be signs of an ear infection that needs further examination.

There are some people for whom ear irrigation is not recommended, for instance:

  • Had a middle-ear infection (otitis media) in the past two months
  • Whether you have had any ear surgery in the last 18 months
  • If you have grommets in your ears or any other foreign objects in your ears
  • You have previously had problems with ear irrigation
  • If you have a perforated eardrum, or previously in the last year
  • Whether you are experiencing any form of discharge from your ears which may indicate a perforated eardrum

We do not offer ear wax removal for under 16’s in any of our clinics, please note in our Seaford clinic we do not remove ear wax for  anyone under 18