Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

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Young Girl getting her ears microsuctioned

Microsuction is a safe, pain free and trusted technique to remove excess ear wax from the ear canal. Excess wax can cause pain, irritation, tinnitus and even hearing loss and microsuction ear wax removal is a quick and easy way to treat these hearing issues.

Our audiologists have been trained and are fully qualified to use the proven, tested microsuction system of removing wax from ears across Sussex. Book a wax appointment with one of our audiologists today.

Microsuction is a gentle vacuum procedure that leaves the ear dry and is regarded as the healthiest option for ear wax removal and your hearing health. The procedure is performed using microscopes to discover the area of the ear canal which has a build up of ear wax. The vacuum suction tool is then used to remove the wax quickly and painlessly.

As no water is used to remove the excess wax, this is an extremely safe procedure with minimal side effects. Find out more about the benefits and side effects from microsuction.

Microsuction is a relatively quick ear wax removal procedure and only takes between 20 and 45 minutes, depending on whether one or both ears need to be treated.

Ear wax removal using microsuction is safe and gentle. There is no pain at all with this procedure and it is a safe way to see the delicate structures of the ear. We use video otoscopy in all our clinics to take images of the ear both before and after the procedure. Before, to ascertain if microsuction is necessary and after, to show the efficacy of our work. During the procedure microscopes are used to guide the suction tool to the affected area and nowhere else.

You may feel a little discomfort whilst the vacuum is removing the ear wax, but this doesn’t last long and you shouldn’t feel any negative after effects following the procedure.

Yes, microsuction is suitable for everyone because it gently vacuums all debris and wax from the ear. This makes it a completely safe procedure that should have no negative effect on your hearing following the treatment.

Most of the reasons that contra-indicate for wax irrigation, such as perforations, grommets or mastoid cavities and therefore preclude the use of water, do not apply to microsuction. This is because the audiologist can see clearly into the ear canal with the use of microscopes and it’s a dry procedure, which is better for your ears.

We would recommend this procedure for anyone looking for ear wax removal, including young children and the elderly.

There is no need to do any preparation before your microsuction appointment. Other ear wax removal methods such as ear syringing require you to put ear drops or olive oil in your ear beforehand to soften the wax before removal. This is not necessary when it comes to microsuction ear wax removal as the vacuum is able to remove the wax from your ear canal effectively.

Microsuction is the main way that our audiologists will remove any ear wax build up as it’s suitable for everyone and is an extremely safe procedure with minimal side effects. However we do also offer ear irrigation (or ear syringing as it’s also known) as a method for ear wax removal.

Ear irrigation works by using an electronic device to send a flow of water into the ear canal to help clear the blocked ear and remove the excess ear wax. The water is at body temperature and a low pressure, to make it more gentle to your ears.

Ear irrigation, however, isn’t suitable for everyone so ensure you consult your audiologist and get your ears checked before undergoing any treatment.

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If you’re experiencing pain in your ears, tinnitus or ringing or even reduced hearing capacity, then you may be suffering from blocked ears due to wax build up. Book an appointment with our team of fully qualified audiologists today and we can assess your hearing situation and provide an effective microsuction wax removal service.