Hearing aid optimisation

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We can fine tune your hearing aids to work perfectly for you, regardless of where purchased

Our hearing aid optimisation service includes evaluating your current hearing aids to see if they are appropriate for your hearing loss configuration and lifestyle, regardless of make, or even if you purchased them elsewhere. Bring your current hearing aids to one of our clinics for an evaluation. With reprogramming, you might discover you don’t need new hearing aids after all! (NB. unfortunately we are not permitted to adjust systems fitted by the NHS).

You won’t receive this attention to detail in many high street chains and that is why it is beneficial to choose us.


To optimise your listening experience with hearing aids it is important to verify that the output sound is correct and matched to your audiogram.

The best way to measure this is with real ear measurements known as REM. A small microphone probe tube is gently placed into the ear canal at an optimal depth and a measurement of sound volume is taken.

Then the hearing device is placed into the ear along with the probe and a further measurement is taken with the hearing aid switch on. The response can be viewed on a graph and the output gain of the hearing aid and the output curve adjusted so it correctly meets the target.

Hearing aid parts

The result is a more precisely tuned hearing instrument that will result in better speech discrimination and overall improved hearing.

90 minute hearing consultation

The more accurate the fitting and verification of the hearing instrument, the better the results will be. All of our clinics are capable of performing these simple but effective tasks.

A hearing aid is only part of the solution and the real benefits can only be achieved if it is correctly set up and programmed.

This requires gathering diagnostic information and accurate verification, which in turn, demands time and understanding. This is why our hearing evaluation starts with a 90 minute consultation.