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Have your hearing evaluated by us and establish your individual hearing profile

If you’ve noticed a difference in your hearing recently – perhaps you aren’t hearing things as clearly, you’re having balance issues or you’re hearing a ringing noise – then having a comprehensive hearing consultation can put your mind at ease and find a solution for your hearing problems.

We take into consideration your unique hearing profile, lifestyle and budget, offering the best course of action for you during a comprehensive consultation. We will make professional recommendations but will never pressure you into a decision – because only you know what is right for your hearing.

South East Hearing Care Centres offers a full range of solutions whether it be for hearing improvement, hearing correction, or simply earwax removal. Get in touch with our team today to book an appointment for a comprehensive hearing assessment and find the solution to your hearing difficulties.

It’s recommended that you get your hearing checked regularly if you’re over 60 or have confirmed hearing loss and use hearing aids. Like your eyesight, hearing can deteriorate over time, so having regular checkups can ensure that you catch any issues early, to prevent further hearing problems or to ensure you’ve got the best hearing aids for your needs.

If you’ve noticed any hearing difficulties recently, such as issues with background noise or general day to day hearing, or you work in an environment with high noise exposure, then we would suggest going to see a hearing specialist. Here, you can have your hearing assessed at a dedicated hearing centre using the latest hearing diagnostic technology. This will allow you to understand any issues you have been having and will provide you with a hearing care plan to treat your symptoms.

Whether it’s a hearing test, wax removal, or hearing aid optimisation that you need, a comprehensive consultation is always performed. This will give us a clear picture of your general health, as well as your overall hearing needs.

A hearing consultation begins with a detailed questionnaire, to gain as much information as we can about an individual and their personal needs. None of what we do is hurried or rushed and we always take time to carefully listen to your experiences and concerns.
That is the first step in understanding you and the type of examination we need to perform. The atmosphere will always be relaxed as we have learned over the years to let you talk and give us all the information you can.

We will then carry out a hearing test in a soundproof booth which will give the audiologist a clear picture of your hearing and what the next steps are. Following this we will create a personalised plan that will help to make your day to day life that bit easier. Whether that is fitting hearing aids in order to combat hearing loss, or simply removing ear wax to make hearing clearer.

We will never recommend a solution that doesn’t suit your hearing needs. Our qualified audiologists will work closely with you to find the right solution for your hearing loss.
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Once we have created a personalised plan based on your consultation and hearing tests, we will put together a list of solutions for your hearing problems. This includes the right hearing aids for your requirements, depending on your budget and situation.

Once you have made your decision on the treatment you’d like to follow, we’ll take impressions of your ears. All of our hearing aids are made to measure so they fit perfectly in your ears without any discomfort.

As all of our hearing aids are bespoke to our patients, you’ll need a hearing aid fitting appointment to have them fitted and understand how to use them. Following that, we will organise regular check up appointments with you to ensure you’re happy with your hearing aids and treatment.

As a family centric business, we pride ourselves on offering a comforting and stress-free experience for all patients at our hearing clinic. We will only offer the right hearing solutions for you and will never pressure you to choose a specific treatment.

With access to the very latest hearing technology and an excellent team of audiologists on our side, we’re really able to delve into your ear canal and look into your hearing to discover exactly what area needs attention.

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We have three hearing clinics across the south east, in HorshamChichester and Seaford. You can book an appointment at any of our clinics for a consultation with a hearing specialist. Simply give your local clinic a call or fill out our online appointment form.