Have your hearing evaluated by us and establish your individual hearing profile

After your hearing tests, we can then take into consideration your unique hearing profile, lifestyle and budget, offering the best course of action for you during a comprehensive consultation. We will make professional recommendations but will never pressure you into a decision – because only you know what is right for your hearing.

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South East Hearing Care Centres offers a full range of solutions whether it be for hearing improvement, hearing correction, or simply wax removal.

For any of our disciplines a comprehensive consultation is always performed. For hearing tests that is explained in detail on our hearing test page, hearing aid optimisation page or wax removal page. Suffice to say, it begins with a detailed questionnaire to gain as much information about an individual and their personal needs as we can.

None of what we do is hurried or rushed and we are brilliant at listening.

That is the first step in understanding you and the type of examination we need to perform. The atmosphere will always be relaxed as we have learned over the years to let you talk and give us all the information you can.

As a family centric business we welcome and encourage you to attend with a family member or friend as a familiar voice will help with some of the tests we perform.

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What our clients say

I have always been professionally treated and have every confidence that the information shared with me and the equipment that has been sold to me is of the highest standard for my level of disability.

Mr. Dunkerton – Seaford patient