South East Hearing Care Centres

The decision to have hearing aids fitted is not one taken lightly.

Here at South East Hearing Care Centres, we ensure that our clients understand and are totally comfortable with every stage of the process. All questions and concerns are addressed along the way, whatever the age of the client and/or carer.

By preference, this would be in one of our partner clinics, but home visits are also possible when this is more convenient for the client. Modern technology means that much of the diagnostic and assessment work can be done equally as well in a client’s home.

We have clinics in Horsham, Seaford and Chichester where we perform diagnostic hearing tests and safe, gentle ear wax removals.

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    We are now taking bookings with new protocols to ensure the safety of patients and staff.

    Appointments by telephone or video call screening only.

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Due to health and safety regulations provided by our professional bodies and Public Health England, we're unable to provide home visits at the moment. Please give us a call on 01403 218 863 for hearing help and advice.