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Worried about your hearing? Or think you may need hearing aids? Use our free online hearing test to accurately check your hearing and whether you may need assistance to improve your hearing or manage your hearing loss. The test only takes three minutes, simply follow the instructions on the hearing test and assess your hearing capabilities.

Take the online hearing test

If you’re unsure about how to use the test, would like to book an appointment with our team following your results, or have any questions about your results, then get in touch with one of our hearing care professionals today.

Can I do an online hearing test?

Yes! Anyone can use our online hearing test to assess their hearing and whether they need hearing aids or further hearing help. Our online hearing test will provide you quick accurate and helpful information about your hearing.

Once you’ve received your feedback from our test, speak to our team to book in for an appointment for a full hearing assessment from one of our fully qualified experts.

Are online hearing tests accurate?

Whilst an online hearing test is no replacement for a proper consultation with one of our hearing experts, they are a great and easy way to assess your hearing and gain a better understanding of what’s happening. Especially if you’re nervous about the results or speaking to an expert, our online hearing test will put your mind at ease.

Once you’ve completed our online test of your hearing, you can then easily speak to one of our audiologists about your results and either book an appointment or get some advice about your next steps.

How to take our online hearing test

Before taking our online hearing test, ensure you are:

  • In a quiet area with minimal background noise
  • Using headphones, with the volume at 50%

The test is very quick and simple to use, with its main aim to determine whether you’re experiencing any type of hearing loss.

  1. The first part of the hearing test uses different tones and sounds at varying pitches to determine how well you can hear different frequencies. All you need to do is to adjust the volume until you can hear the sound clearly.
  2. The second part of the hearing test is a question and answer section, where the test will ask you questions about your ability to hear in certain situations. Please answer these as honestly and accurately as possible, in order to get the most accurate result.
  3. Once you have completed the above stages, the test is over and you will be provided with your test results. This will include guidance and feedback on your next steps.

Take the online hearing test

What to do once you’ve taken the hearing test

Following our free hearing test, you can instantly book an appointment through the system to meet with a hearing care professional from South East Hearing Care Centres about your hearing test results and the next steps. With three hearing care centres across the south east, our professional team of audiologists are on hand to help you with any hearing loss you may be experiencing.

We have access to all of the latest equipment and technology in audiology, meaning we undertake full hearing tests that can accurately determine any hearing issues and provide you with a solution to not only improve your hearing, but also your day to day life.

Discover your nearest hearing centre and book an appointment with our hearing specialists today.