Is Ear Microsuction Safe? The Pros and Cons

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When it comes to removing ear wax from the ears, there are various ways in which this can be done. The traditional methods of ear syringing and ear irrigation involve flushing out wax by putting water into the ear canal.

But the alternative option, and one that we would strongly recommend, is ear microsuction. This is the safest and easiest way to remove ear wax from the outer ear. Find out more about the pros and cons of microsuction ear wax removal below and if you think you’re suffering from an ear wax blockage, then book an appointment at one of our clinics today.

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Pros of microsuction ear wax removal

Clear visibility

Ear microsuction involves the use of a microscope to look into the ear canal, providing your hearing specialist or nurse with a clear sight of any excess wax that needs removing. It means getting a clearer view of what’s going on, in order to target the accumulation of wax. This makes the removal procedure easier, quicker and safer because it is less invasive than traditional methods. 

Forget ear drops

With microsuction, there isn’t usually any need to apply ear drops to soften the wax beforehand, although this can still help in extreme cases. With ear syringing or ear irrigation, however, it is always necessary to apply drops before removal, which typically would take place over a period of days leading up to the treatment.

No water – less infection risk

There is no need to flush water into the ear canal, as happens with ear syringing or ear irrigation. Instead, the procedure is dry which significantly reduces any risk of infection.

Safe for perforated ears

Unlike ear syringing and ear irrigation, microsuction is safe for people with a perforated eardrum or mastoid cavity or any foreign object that may be lodged inside the ear canal, including anyone who has grommets fitted.

Pain-free and quick

Microsuction is totally comfortable and the blockage is removed in minutes. Making it a safe and pain free procedure.

Cons of microsuction ear wax removal

All treatments come with a risk

Whilst we would consider microsuction to be extremely safe, all treatments come with an element of risk, however minute. The best advice we can give is to remain still during treatment, as any problems that do arise are often a result of head movement by the patient.

Ear trauma

As with other ear wax removal techniques, in exceptionally rare events, there is the possibility of damage or trauma to the ear canal and eardrum. However, there is a very low chance of you experiencing any issues with your ear health or ear canals following this procedure.

Suction noise

There is some noise associated with microsuction, which is important to be aware of, although the latest suction pumps are very quiet.

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Above all, ear micro suction is quick, safe and comfortable, with little or no risk attached. Your nearest South East Hearing Care Centres Clinic will be able to handle any ear wax removal issues you have. See our wax removal page for further information and help.

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