Ear microsuction FAQs

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A build-up of ear wax can affect people of all ages at any time, and there are several reasons why there might be an accumulation. In most cases, the wax will pass from the body naturally, but sometimes it needs a little more encouragement. Ear microsuction is one of the most effective methods of removing wax, but many people aren’t sure of what this entails. Here are some answers to your questions.

Ear microsuction is a relatively simple process which entails the use of a gentle vacuum machine to leave the ear dry and free of wax. We use a microscope during the procedure, which allows us to clearly monitor the progress. The end results for the patient are better hearing and cleaner ears.

Most of the time, our ears keep themselves clean and free of debris, but there are occasions when it doesn’t happen, your age or a possible infection might cause a build up. If you have a wax build-up, an infection or some unwanted debris in the ear, your specialist may decide the best way to make things right is via ear microsuction.

Because the process is carried out with the help of a powerful microscope, more wax and other debris can be reached and removed. The procedure tends to be quicker and more comfortable than other forms of wax removal. The main benefit after is usually a significant improvement in hearing.

The patient needs to keep his or her head still during the procedure because sudden movements can lead to accidental injury. In some instances, patients can feel slightly dizzy but this condition doesn’t last long. There may be some discomfort for those who have an existing ear infection at the time.

In general the procedure isn’t painful at all, although it can be somewhat noisy. The skin inside the ear canal is sensitive so it’s important to stay still when asked to do so. A wax check is a good way to find out more about the process and how it will affect you as an individual.

Many people choose to have an ear microsuction procedure on a regular basis to keep their ears cleaned, although the regularity always depends on the individual needs of the patient. Some choose to undergo microsuction every three months while others may do so once a year. As always, it will be up to the patient to decide, but your local Hearing Care Centre will always be happy to offer advice.