Mid-life hearing loss contributes to the risk of dementia

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According to an international study in the Lancet, one in three cases of dementia could be prevented if more people looked after their brain health throughout life. The key is to start early – look after your body and your brain!

Dementia is usually diagnosed in old age, but brain changes can start to develop years before.

Acting on the following factors isn’t guaranteed to prevent dementia, but experts say they will help:

Dementia and hearing loss

9 factors that contribute to the risk of dementia

  • 9% Mid-life hearing loss (responsible for 9% of the risk)
  • 8% Failing to complete secondary education
  • 5% Smoking
  • 4% Failing to seek early treatment for depression
  • 3% Physical inactivity
  • 2% Social isolation
  • 2% High blood pressure
  • 1% Obesity
  • 1% Type 2 diabetes

These risk factors add up to 35% and are described as potentially modifiable, meaning you can take measures to change them. The other 65% of dementia risk is thought to be potentially non-modifiable.

We are dementia-friendly

All our clinics are due to undergo dementia awareness sessions and so far Bromley, Bexleyheath and Horsham have already joined the UK’s biggest ever initiative to change the way people think, act and talk about dementia by becoming a ‘Dementia Friend’.

This means we are more sympathetic to the needs of existing and future clients who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia and the training is designed to strengthen the staff’s customer experience skills.

Adam Chell, audiologist at the Bromley clinic, said:
Dementia Friends initiative

“The training was a valuable learning curve in helping me recognise signs and symptoms of dementia. As a team, we are now more equipped to deal with the needs of our valued customers, which will help to improve customer service.”

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