Should I be wearing earplugs at night?

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We all need a good night’s sleep, but for too many people sleep can be something of a haphazard process. External noises, a failure to settle properly and concerns about everything from family to finance can get in the way. There are a number of ways to improve the quality of our sleeping, and moulded ear plugs undoubtedly offer an effective method of doing just that.

Some people are able to blot out external noises during the night, but for others it can seem an impossible task. No matter how hard they try to relax, they just can’t seem to unwind enough to fall into a deep sleep. And even if they do manage to do so, a sudden noise can undermine everything. Noises can come from a wide variety of sources, including:

  • Domestic appliances
  • Road, rail or air traffic
  • The snoring of a partner
  • Noisy passers-by
  • Insects, birds and pets

Effects of noise on sleep

Different people have varying tolerances to noise while sleeping. On average a sound above 55 decibels will be enough to wake a sleeping person. When a loud noise occurs the fight or flight response that’s built into our bodies awakes us and alerts us of danger. This response triggers stress hormones and these can have damaging effects on our health when experienced for prolonged periods of time.

Typically there are 3 primary effects of noise on sleep:

  1. Problems getting to sleep
  2. Difficulty staying asleep
  3. Altering stages of sleep – getting less REM sleep

Lack of sleep can cause drowsiness and fatigue, reduced concentration, irritability and in severe cases depression. It can also cause reduced immunity to disease.

Blank out the noise with moulded ear plugs

High quality moulded ear plugs will fit snugly inside the ear and will keep much of the noise out while you enjoy a proper night’s sleep. They are painless to wear, easy to put in and take out and they are remarkably comfortable. Thanks to their soft construction, they mould themselves to fit the individual’s ear perfectly.

There are several other ways to minimise the levels of external noise that may keep you awake at night. One of the more intriguing involves introducing white noise to the room, because this constant sound will make sudden noises less of an interference. White noise sources can include air conditioners and purifiers, electric fans and specially made white noise machines, there are some apps available to download on smart phones.

Maybe the noise isn’t the only issue

While many people will be able to escape or muffle the noise via moulded ear plugs or white noise equipment, in some cases the individual may already have a problem that is simply being exacerbated by external sound. If you have an ear infection that you’re not aware of, for example, you should seek treatment from a professional healthcare specialist.

Moulded ear plugs have helped many people enjoy better and healthier levels of sleep, and they could do just the same for you. Thanks to their soft feel, it’s easy to wear them throughout the night. They can also help commuters to enjoy a more comfortable journey and students who wish to focus solely on their studies. Your local Hearing Care Centre can offer advice and guidance for all new users.