What Are The Best Ear Plugs?

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Ear plugs have one specific aim, to protect your ears and reduce noise related damage. They come in many different formats depending on the desired usage and you may require more than one type of ear plug.

Custom made ear plugs are known to be the best earplugs as they ensure a perfect fit for comfort and efficacy. A custom made ear plug is also much safer for your ears than generic foam earplugs or the conical shaped solid disposable earplugs, as typically you either have to squash and push these into your ear. Both these types have to be pushed deeper into the ear canal to be effective and this can lead to discomfort or impact wax in your ears.

The majority of custom ear plugs are made from a soft silicone material which provides improved comfort and allows movement of the jaw. They are anatomically fitted perfectly to the shape of your outer ear canal and come in an attractive range of colours.

Find out more about the different types of reusable earplugs below and best earplugs for different uses. We provide high quality custom molded earplugs in Sussex for a range of uses. Give us a call on 01403 218863 to arrange an appointment to assess your ear plug needs.

Types of ear plugs

Shooting ear plugs

Shooting plugs can be passive and simply block the ear from any noise or fitted with filters designed to offer noise reduction and the damaging effect of excessive noise.

The best for regular shooters are digital electronic plugs allowing the wearer to hear speech and commands easily whilst the plug electronically dampens excessive, damaging loud sounds. Shooting plugs are soft silicone earplugs that sit comfortably in the wearers ear.

Noise protection ear plugs

Noise protection ear plugs perform a similar function to shooting plugs but are not digital as they are used mainly in leisure pursuits like listening to music or working on a noisy factory floor.

They are fitted with calibrated filters which can range the amount of attenuation from 9dB to 25dB ensuring just the right amount of background noise is reduced and conversation can still be heard. Again, these are made from a soft silicone material, making them comfortable earplugs for long periods of wearing..

Musicians ear plugs

Musician ear plugs can be passive like noise plugs but generally are made as in-ear-monitors with multiple armitage drivers built inside, which allows the musician to hear each different instrument or vocal whilst at the same time affording protection from loud, damaging external sounds. These types of earplugs can be made from soft silicone or hard acrylic.

Swimming ear plugs

Swimming ear plugs are designed to keep water out of your ears and greatly reduce the risk of ear infections. Most of these plugs are floatable so easy to find if one gets knocked out of the ear. These are made from soft silicone for comfort whilst swimming.

Sleeping ear plugs

If you have a noisy partner, or are easily disturbed by external sounds while sleeping, then earplugs for sleeping are perfect for you! Small and discreet and giving the right amount of noise attenuation for an improved sleep quality. The best earplugs for sleeping are made from soft silicone, as you won’t even feel like you’re wearing earplugs. All of our sleeping plugs are made from soft silicone.

Hearing aid ear moulds

Ear plugs for hearing aids are usually known as ear moulds and are extremely useful in improving speech understanding by providing a perfect fit in the ear. They can be fitted with a thin tube for larger or more powerful behind the ear hearing aids or made to house the more modern speaker units known as receivers on the more modern digital hearing aids. These are made from either soft silicone or hard acrylic.

Benefits of ear plugs to reduce noise

The benefit of custom ear plugs is comfort and protection from excessive noise that can damage your hearing. Each plug is bespoke to your individual ears and a perfect fit is assured which provides better outcomes in noise blocking from loud noises.

Ear plugs are easy to keep clean and can:

  • enhance hearing if that is the purpose
  • protect you from excessive noise
  • keep water and infections out

Custom moulded ear plugs

Custom made ear plugs or ear moulds require a good impression of the ear. The microscope equipment and cameras we have at our disposal, guarantee an accurate ear impression. We use a very soft shore impression material which maps every contour of your ear and is the most comfortable way to take an ear impression.

If you require an ear plug and want the most accurate fitting available, then please contact any of our partner practices in Chichester, Horsham or Seaford. The process of taking an ear impression only takes 15 minutes. Depending on the type of ear plug required, the lead time to fitting is only two to three weeks.

Contact us now via our website form submission or telephone 01403 218863.